FundMyTravel 03/07/2018

FundMyTravel is an online crowdfunding platform developed specifically for travelers. Large crowdfunding sites contain campaigns for everything from new businesses to community projects to family emergencies, making it complicated and challenging for travelers to find their voice. If you are someone who wants to volunteer, study, intern, and make a difference abroad, we started FundMyTravel with you in mind.

In our conversations with people who want to travel, many have told us that cost is a barrier. FundMyTravel makes it easy to budget for your trip, incentivize donors to contribute, and even request offline support. We believe in the power of travel and want to make it possible for anyone to take the trip of their dreams! Through our unique set of features, you can create a customizable fundraiser that you can easily share on social media.

FundMyTravel is a product from that was created to help our users and partners get more people abroad. For almost twenty years has been the leading resource for meaningful travel and has helped millions of individuals become global citizens.


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