Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo

November is coming and for the Dublin zoo, November is synonymous with the Wild Lights Festival! As each year at the same period, the Dublin Zoo organise this festival, and this year the theme is the Ocean.  

Get transported into a magic world of illumination to discover all the ocean’s mysteries. Go back in childhood and be marvelled by the otherworldly ambiance. Enjoy this event with your family, friends or partner, everyone is welcome and you know, there is no age to love and be amazed by magic!  

In November you can go on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, during the whole month. And more, during December you can go all the week (except 25-26). You are lucky, if you couldn’t come earlier, you can still go there until 6th January. The Wild Lights is open from 5pm until 9pm. 

Go and enjoy a moment out of time!  

You need more information? Click here!  


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Location : Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8, Ireland

From : 31/10/2018 To : 05/01/2019

Countdown :

Event Website : https://dublinzoo.ie/wildlights/

Event Organiser : Dublin Zoo


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