SARI Soccerfest

This Saturday (15th September) takes place the 22nd Soccerfest of the SARI organization at Phoenix Park in Dublin. It would also launch the European week of sport.  

SARI is an organization that is not-for-profit and it acts in the whole country. It uses sport to encourage cultural integration, social inclusion, peacebuilding abroad and at home and global development. SARI fights against all violations of Human Rights, racism, homophobia and all forms of discriminations.  

The main aims of SARI are first of all to use sports and cultural events to gather people from different cultures and social classes. Then SARI wants to give the chance to the youths to participate in social integration projects. SARI also wants to celebrate differences and culture diversity. And finally, SARI works to encourage government and official sport agencies to take anti-racism and inclusion rules and law in sport.  

The Soccerfest in Dublin is the biggest intercultural football tournament in Europe.  If you want to participates or more information about this event or the organization, click here.  

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Location : Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

From : 14/09/2018 To : 14/09/2018

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Event Organiser : SARI


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