Oktoberfest -  DUBLIN

Do you feel like sipping a pint of beer as if you were in Munich? You can experience the same here in Dublin. Save the date! From the 14th of Sept. to the 6th of October, you’ll have the chance to taste all the authentic German beers and the typical food.

This is:

Of course, you could sit and drink a beer and share food.

Keep your friends close to you on Wednesday as this is one of the themed nights

This night will give you and your friends the option of getting dressed up & drunk in

Outrageous costumes.

Beer will be your best friend.

Experience the German atmosphere at this unique event.

Rely on public transport to get you down quickly after work, after 6 pm there’s an 8 euros entrance fee.

Fairground will be located outside the marquee

Eating will solve all your alcohol-related problems, we recommend

Sausages, called würstel, cabbage and pretzel.

Tuesday at Oktoberfest is an LGBTQ themed night, where you are encouraged to come down an experience a great atmosphere, have a few beers and attend a drag show.

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Location : Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Ireland

From : 13/09/2018 To : 05/10/2018

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Event Website : https://oktoberfest-dublin.de/

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