Las Falles Festival

The Falles (Valencian: Falles, Spanish: Fallas) is a traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph in the city of Valencia, Spain. The term Falles refers to the celebration and the monuments burnt during the celebration.

In contrast to the “Plantà”, which marks the proper start of the Fallas Festival, where the finishing touches are made to the artworks in the streets, the “Cremà” marks its finish. This is probably the most popular part of the festival internationally and the one that gives the concept of “Fallas Fiesta” its full meaning as the monuments are exhibited in the street to be burnt. This is their fate and grandeur.
In the small hours between the 19th and 20th of March, enormous pyres burn around the entire city. The splendid monuments, which stood proudly in the streets and squares, are reduced to ashes amidst the clamor of hundreds of people who attend the ritual every year.

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Location : Valencia, Spain

From : 14/03/2019 To : 18/03/2019

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