Culture Night

Culture is the basis of modern society, over time culture changes and evolves, it even blends with other cultures from other countries and grows to create something new. Population movements impacted cultures all over the world and contributed to their modernization and their adaptation to the current world.


In a time where digital and modern lifestyle has taken over, people have less time to experience true culture, they don’t take time to visit museums or expositions, they just prefer staying at home watching television or scrolling Facebook. Because of their work they are tired and all they want is relax at in home. Other would say that museums and culture access is too expensive, and sometimes it is. 

If the above paragraph sounds familiar, Culture Night is perfect for you and your mates! During the night you will be able to visit museums and Exabition's later than the other days thanks to this nocturnal event. Culture Night takes place in all of Ireland and it’s completely free. This year it takes place on Friday 21st September. During this magic evening you will see museums, historic houses, artist’s studios and National Cultural Institutions but there will also be special workshops and events at participating places. Over 200 cultural locations will participate to this event and to know which place will be open just click here! 


For example, in Dublin you may go to the Abbey Artist studio, the Adam and Eve’s Historic Fransiscan church, the Bewley’s Café Theatre, the Trinity College or the Dublin Roller Derby at Inchicore Community Sports Centre. The aim of Culture Night is to promote culture and enjoyment of it.

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Location : Ireland

From : 21/09/2018 To : 21/09/2018

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