The best views Dublin has to offer 26/03/2018

If you have not yet been to Dublin, you will may not know that there are quite a lot of restrictions around high buildings in the city. The tallest building stands at only 67 meters (the Google Building). This means that there are few very tall buildings to view from, but it also means that you will be able to get few, but amazing views of the city and surrounding areas. The fact that Dublin is not that built up is one of its unique factors. Here are the best places to take in Dublin from viewing points all around the greater Dublin area.

The Winding Stair Cafe and Bookshop

This first one may not be on top of building or a hill, but it will give you an iconic view in a great cafe. This cafe is right on the river Liffey, and it is beside the iconic Ha’penny bridge. You can have a full lunch or dinner here, or just a coffee, and grab a book. They also have pre-theater menus, and they pride themselves on using fresh Irish produce.

Howth Summit and Balscadden Road

Head out of the city center for this fantastic view of the Irish Sea and Dublin North Bay. Only a 25 minute journey from the city center, there is so much to do and see here. You can go to the pier for a nice lunch over the view of the harbor, then head up to the summit. It is a gradual climb and not too tense until the last road, which is quite steep up to the summit. From there you will have amazing view of Howth lighthouse, Dublin bay, and the Irish sea. You can then walk to the left of the summit, and along the Balscadden Road, which will take you along the Irish sea and back to Howth village. It is a beautiful view, and won’t take too much time out of your trip to Dublin.

The Gravity Bar at Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is probably on most people’s itinerary when they travel to Dublin, as Guinness is one of the most popular products of Ireland. However, it is not widely known that the tour finishes off in the Gravity Bar, which offers the best view of Dublin City. From there, you can get a view of some of the best monuments, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Spire, and the river. The view is worth it, even if you are not so interested in the tour itself. Also, you get to drink a fresh pint of the black stuff, and not the awful export beer that is sold oversees. You will notice the difference.

The Hellfire Club – Montpelier Hill

This one has an interesting name, and that comes from its interesting history. This building sits atop the a 383 meter hill in the Dublin mountains. The ruins that stand atop the hill were originally built in 1725 as a hunting lodge. In 1735 it was used as a meeting place for the hellfire club – an occult association. This place may have a spooky history, but it offers a beautiful view of the greater Dublin area and the Dublin mountains. And if you are so daring, you could go up for sunset.

Sandymount Strand

If you are a fan of James Joyce, you will already know of the beach at Sandymount strand, where Stephen Dedalus lives in the Martello tower. This is actually where Joyce lived briefly also. This beach offers you quite a stretch of land to have a relaxing stroll along, and take in the Dublin bay area. It also gives you a nice view of the iconic Poolbeg pipes, Howth hill, and the Dublin’s skyline.

The Great South Wall

On the reverse, you can actually get a magnificent view of Sandymount strand from the Great South Wall, which stretches out 4 km into Dublin bay. It was built in 1767 in order to protect the boats entering Dublin harbor and to stop the Liffey from silting. This is a very unique place to visit in Dublin, and you will get great views of the ferries and other boats coming into Dublin harbor all the time. Also, you get a unique view of Dublin city, the bay, the harbor, north bull island, and Howth. There is a lot to take in, and you can walk there from the city center.

Killiney Hill

This one is a mix between Howth and Sandymount – you get a great vantage point of the Irish sea, but you also get a beautiful beach in the foreground. This one should certainly be up there for a sunny day in Dublin. You can easily reach this one from the city center by train, and should take about 20 minutes. Once you get off, look for the obelisk and you will be able to make your way to the hill.

From here you not only get the view of the beach and sea, but also of the green South Dublin suburbs, and the out-skirting of the city itself. The panoramic views of Dublin are probably the best the city has to offer.

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By Daniel from StayPlanet


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