Sun, beach, cold beer, BBQ... it might not sound like it, but this is Christmas for us at the southern hemisphere.

I am not going to lie; all my friends from the northern hemisphere, who came to spend Christmas with me in Brazil or in Australia when I was living there, had a big surprise and they all said the exact same thing:

“It just doesn’t feel like Christmas!”

And I couldn’t say anything back, because that’s what I was used to.

But Christmas during the summer is one of the best things ever, imagine all the presents and family and food, but instead of being close to a fireplace. You are at the beach or by the pool, with your sunglasses, having a BBQ. I know, sounds AMAZING!!

December and January down south are the hottest months of the year and just like the people in the northern hemisphere, we also take our biggest breaks, during the summer. Kids are out of school for 2-3 months during Dec, Jan and Feb.

Just like in “Home Alone”, which by the way, is a traditional Christmas movie back home, we also decorate our houses, the trees and along the streets. There are also Christmas attractions such as ice skating rinks. And we even have the Brazilian (Portuguese) version of Jingle Bells... “Bate o Sino”.

We also have all our food and drink traditions! In my house for example, we eat “Bacalhau” with potatoes and fresh vegetables, but many people cook the traditional Turkey. We have cold cakes and fruits as desserts and normally have cold beer to drink, since a good cold beer is more attractive than a glass of wine during the hot summer days.
If you always spent Christmas up north, you should definitely give it a try. Christmas during summer is always very fun.

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Gustavo Cunha from StayPlanet

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