The Best Way to Experience Amsterdam 12/06/2018

Some say that the only way to truly experience the city of Amsterdam is by bike.


There are an estimated 881,000 bicycles and 513 kilometers of dedicated cycle paths throughout the city of Amsterdam, ranking it the most bicycle-friendly city in the world!

The bike racks outside of Central Station can hold over 10,000 bikes. Make sure to remember where you parked your wheels when stopping here!


Clearly, this is the best form of transportation throughout the city, due to decreased street traffic because of the various canals that cut through the city. This has helped Amsterdam develop an excellent infastructure for cyclists.

A couple of friends enjoying a leisurely pedal through the streets.


It isn't difficult to acquire a bike either, with popular rental companies like MacBike, Yellow Bike, and others, the rate to rent for a day is around €10, and an average multi-day rate of €8. While these companies tend to be the most well-known tourist bikes, there are plenty of other rental companies that rent out local style all-black bikes if one wants to fit in.

A line up of clearly marked rental bikes.


Biking in Amsterdam isn't just a new fad as it is deeply rooted in the city's history. According to Pete Jordan, the author of In the City of Bikes, cycling became "the biggest expression of resistance to the Nazis" when Germany occupied the city during World War II. The people of Amsterdam would purposely slow up convoys with their cycles and refused to give way to the German war vehicles, constantly running red lights and getting in the way of things. So not only are you getting a tour of the beautifully iconic city, you are continuing a long tradition of Amsterdam.

Locals are expert cyclists around the city, they cycle fast and frequently get annoyed by tourist bikers making mistakes on the pathways, so be prepared for a few minutes of stress once you hop on your new form of transportation.

Also a few more tips:

Watch out for the tram tracks and always ride over them perpendicularly or else your wheels will get stuck, and don't forget to lock up your trusty two-wheeled steed as bicycle theft is common in Amsterdam!

If you are an avid cycler or just an interested traveler, has all your boooking accommodation needs to take a trip to Amsterdam and get the chance to cycle around and truly immerse yourself in the city's culture.


Written by: Nick Yerkes from StayPlanet


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