Ayia Napa Nightlife 17/11/2017

In Ayia Napa you can find one of the best nightlife in Europe! From sophisticated to cheap drinks. With more than 80 bars, pubs and clubs, I am sure you will find the best choice for you!!!

Here are some places to go if you looking for a good night:

First of all we will talk a little about the bar scene;

At the main square and at Ayias Mavris, the bars are everywhere and all of them will offer you a good time! You can find music playing everywhere and it the street turns into a big party, with people and music everywhere!

Bars such as: Simos Magic, Taffy's and Craigs will offer a lot of deals for drinks and a good time

At the harbour side, you can also find many packed bars, where drinks will be cheap, but at that side, is a more family vibe.

Ayia Napa has 12 clubs and they are normally open from 1am to 5am. These clubs are known from having international top DJs playing in it and for their parties to be amazing!

If you are going to Ayia Napa you will most likely have an amazing time and loads of fun! So be happy!

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