6 Halloween Destinations in Europe 24/10/2017

6 Best Europe Destinations for a quick Halloween Trip 

We know Dublin is the best place in the world to spend Halloween, with all its traditions, parties, events, and everything that comes with it. But it’s time for us to give you some other European destinations which have been celebrating or embraced Halloween and now are the place to be when it comes to Halloween. 

1 – Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Another place where Halloween is a tradition, coming from the Celtic festival of “Samhain”. Edinburgh has much more than just trick-or-treats and costumes; Filled with mysteries, castles, rich traditions, and the well-known paranormal activity.  Edinburgh is the certainty of a great and spooky time during Halloween. 

2 - London, England. 

Regarded as one of the most haunted cities in the world because of its past, its legends and ancient buildings, London is an excellent place to visit for Halloween. Full of celebrations, attractions and mystery, London certainly knows how to celebrate this spooky holiday. 

3 – Venice, Italy. 

One of the most romantic and beautiful places in Europe, that is not all Venice has to offer for the tourists!! When the night comes down, the boats are gone, and the corners get shadowy, Venice turns into one of the best Halloween places to be. With a dark past, those masquerade balls and a lot of sea monsters’ legends. Halloween in Venice is sophisticated and very scary at the same time. 

4 – Prague, Czech Republic. 

With its gothic architecture, many spooky legends, creepy statues and its own history, Prague was made for Halloween!!! Even though, back in the day, the Czechs were not big fans of the holiday, nowadays Halloween is famous there and people go to see and enjoy the old city of Prague, it’s attractions, pubs and club parties, and all else it has to offer. 

5 – Limoges, France. 

This medieval city has embraced Halloween for a good amount of time now and hosts a spectacle about it. Watch the city come to life through events, themed fairs, parades and more. Every year more people go to spend Halloween at probably the best spot for it in France, so why not try it and see what the other 50,000 annual visitors have been talking about. 

6 – Ostend, Belgium. 

The reputation of Belgium’s Halloween city has not just been given to Ostend for nothing. The city has many events, parties and more going on, since the beginning of October, thus giving a good amount of time for you to enjoy not only Halloween, but the city and its sandy beaches that stretch along the North Sea. 


BONUS – Transylvania, Romania. 

Worldly known for the legend of Dracula, Transylvania is a beautiful region where you can find old villages and citadels that stopped in time, bringing with them all long-lasting legends and the most obscure and scary traditions. This is a one-of-a-kind Halloween that will bring take you back to the past and creep you out. 


Enjoy your Halloween!! 


Gustavo Cunha from StayPlanet




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