Birmingham knows how to party!! 24/11/2017

Birmingham’s nightlife tends to spread out among various areas of town where several bars and restaurants congregate within walking distance. Stayplanet suggests 4 areas in this Alabama town that locals like to visit.
1. The Lakeview District. Tin Roof Bar, Nana Funks, and Oasis are three different bars with three different vibes. Young professionals flock to Tin Roof after work to socialize and stay late, but the real night owls hang out even later (until 4am) at Nana Funks. The favourite time for Oasis fans to check in is when Rollin’ in the Hay, a local bluegrass band is playing.

2. Downtown Area. ‘Above’ is Birmingham’s only rooftop bar at the historic Redmont Hotel; it offers indoor and outdoor seating that allows downtown professionals and hotel guests to view the city’s skyline while enjoying a live band or DJ. Rogue Tavern has exceptionally tasty bar food like burgers, fried pickles, homemade kettle chips, along with music and beer. The Nick, a local dive sometimes referred to as Birmingham’s “dirty little secret,” has featured local and mainstream acts for over 20 years and claims to have the coldest beer in town.
3. Five Points South. Five Points South is Birmingham’s downtown entertainment district and there are a variety of bars and restaurants located around the circle and up to Cobb Lane.  J. Clyde Hot Rock Tavern and Ale House at Cobb Lane is on of the top beer bars in America and offers an exceptional variety of craft beers, fresh ales, and lagers. Zydeco is the place for live music—both local and national acts have been known to appear, or if you’re not into music, try the martinis on a Tuesday night with standing room only in the bar at Highlands Bar and Grill. The Garage Café is a short distance away, with a laid-back, cool atmosphere in an outdoor courtyard surrounded by an eclectic collection of artifacts—but you may have to ask a local to help you find it.
4. Around Birmingham. The Bottletree Cafe is a hip spot in the Forest Park area that regularly features live entertainment. Or, drop by Avo & Dram for happy hour in Mountain Brook Village. At Avo, try a mint julep from the outdoor balcony. Or at Dram, spill out onto the patio in nice weather with the young, single, after-work crowd.



Angela from StayPlanet

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