8 Brilliant Ideas For Easter Eggs 22/03/2018

Eggs have been typical gifts that we buy for our beloved ones. According to the oldest traditions, people decorated chicken eggs as Easter gifts, but then replaced them with chocolate eggs stuffed with confectionary or toys, which has become our modern custom nowadays. The egg decoration has been evolving with an increase in brilliant creative ideas up to the point that I will say they no longer refer to a chocolate egg in a literal sense.

Here is a mix of cute, artistic or crazy egg concepts for coming Easter.

1. Hot creamy chocolate in an Easter egg should be in a bucket list of any chocolate lover

hot chocolate in an Easter egg

Credit: Twitter

2. Squirrels will stash away those chocolate pine cones if seeing them

Chocolate pine cones

Credit: Twitter

3. Masterpieces of art that no one wants to have a bite of

Artistic chocolate eggs

Credit: Twitter

4. Collection of colourful rocks

Colourful chocolate eggs

Credit: Twitter

5. Easter is no longer boring to hipsters

Street art master eggs

Credit: Pinterest

6. A cosy house corner sculpted in a giant Easter egg

Sculpted house in a chocolate egg

Credit: Pinterest

7. Perfect Easter egg replacements for girls

Easter makeup eggs

Credit: Twitter

8. Melt a girl’s heart with a proposal ring put in a chocolate egg

Proposal ring in a chocolate egg

Credit: Pinterest

But, it'd be better to check her favourite chocolate to avoid this similarly reverse effect

Credit: Facebook


Thu Pham @ StayPlanet


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