5 Facts To Know About The St Patrick’s Day Between American And Irish Celebration 09/03/2018

The 17th of March which is one of the biggest annual Irish Holidays is coming very close. I can feel the atmosphere of the event preparation around every corner. Despite originating from Ireland, St Patrick’s Day has gone beyond the nation’s border and has been maintained by Irish immigrants in other countries, especially in the States. As a person who is appealed to cultural diversity, I always wonder how different a celebration in America is from that in Ireland. Then, I have discovered 5 interesting answers for my curiosity


1. Is unlimited drinking the main theme on Saint Patrick’s Day in every country?

It is just partly correct. In fact, Saint Patrick’s Day is a family-centric event in Ireland, while being simply a relaxation time in the States. So, it is not surprising that there are some family-gathering activities before and during the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Ireland. If you travel with your kids around the 17th March, don’t forget to have a look at special family events in Dublin.

St Patrick's Day for families

Credited: Ardfern


2. Do only Irish people in the States enjoy the holiday?

Going back in time, they did. The holiday was mainly organised by local Irish immigrant communities in some areas. However, as time passed, Irish-Americans’ social statuses increased, driving the popularity of Saint Patrick’s Day in the States. Since then, the holiday has been celebrated by both Irish- and non-Irish Americans.

Americans celebrate St Patrick's Day

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3. How big is Saint Patrick’s Day in America?

Nearly 50% of the country’s population welcome this occasion. What an impressive figure! Not stopping there, it is estimated that American consumers spent $5.3 billion on this holiday as a whole in USA in 2017. The Irish Central forecasts that there will be a new spending record for the coming March 17th. 

St Patrick parade in New York

Credited: calendarofeventsguide.com. 


4. What is the traditional food on this holiday? (Being a foodie, I can’t skip this most appealing part of the event)

The Americans have cabbage with corned-beef, while Irish people have it with bacon. A history-based reason is that Irish immigrants who first arrived in the USA couldn’t afford their favourite rasher and had to replace it with corned-beef.

Traditional food on Saint Patrick's Day

Credited: jeffreyw - Flickr; www.bordbia.ie. 


5. St Paddy’s Day vs. St Patty’s Day?

Well. Irish people say “Happy St Paddy’s Day”, in comparison with “Happy St Patty’s Day” by Americans. Even though Ireland is influenced by American cultures; the native speakers may not really welcome this different pronunciation from “d” to “t”. So, watch this out, when you visit Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Pronunciation difference of Saint Patrick between American and Irish

Finally, if you plan to go to Dublin for the big “Green” Day, and the annual colourful parade in specific, please don’t underestimate the traffic jam here.  Most of event’s activities will be organised in city centre, so if you stay far from downtown, it is suggested to take the earliest buses to get there and to secure a good standing position for enjoying the parade in a sea of people. Otherwise, it’d more convenient to find a hostel or hotel located in the city centre.


Check those accommodations for your trip to Dublin on Saint Patrick’s Day:



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