Five bars to visit in Limassol 17/11/2017

Limassol is known for its nightlife, clubs, bars, pubs are some of the things you can choose from for a night out. While the number of clubs and pubs are uncountable, you can find a bar in almost every corner you turn. Having countless options can often be confusing, as a local I listed some of my favourite and well-known bars in Limassol.  


1. Marina Roof Bar 

Located on top of TGI Fridays, with a breath taking view of Limassol Marina and a variety of cocktails, Marina Roof Bar is the place to be. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, Marina Roof Bar provides unforgettable summer nights, with weekly music events for every taste. From salsa nights to English 90’s, and so much more.       


2. Chesters Bar and Restaurant 

Ideal for sports fans, Chesters Bar and Restaurant is armed with more than 15 TV screens with satellite broadcast of major sporting events. Remember to bring your appetite, because not only does it provide a great selection of drinks and good wines, but also tasty food from many corners of the world. From Cyprus traditional dishes, to Russia and Mexican cuisine. The menu also includes a wide variety of finger foods and an additional kids menu.   


3. Guaba Beach Bar 

There are 2 things you must remember when visiting the infamous Guaba Beach Bar; leave all your problems behind and be prepared for the greatest time of your life. The combination of music, the beach and its one of a kind design, will take you to another world. World famous DJs, Zumba Saturday mornings and shisha are some of the few things Guaba is mostly known for.  

4. Mason’s Bar 

If you are looking for an alternative garden bar with great drinks and atmosphere then look no further than Mason’s Bar. Located in the heart of old Limassol, near the Limassol Medieval Castle, Mason’s Bar promises a cosy night under the moonlight.  


5. LAB Bar Confuzio 

LAB Bar Confuzio is known for its unique menu and signature cocktails, it is also famous for its jazzy tunes. Just like Mason’s Bar, venture out to the beer garden, surrounded with tall trees and plants, adding to its undeniable beauty.  LAB is a great place to enjoy food and drinks or just chill with friends.  
Bottoms up! Be sure to enjoy your stay in Limassol. 
Emily for StayPlanet

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