Nicosia Nightlife 16/11/2017

Whatever your option is for Nicosia has it. The huge range includes stylish cafes and bars, pubs, jet-set beach clubs, chic lounges, music bars and pulsating dance clubs. Stayplanet recommends you the 5 best places to be in Nicosia!! So, relax, chill out or dance the night away, and get ready to have the best time in the capital city of Cyprus!

Fellos Wine Bar - Cyprus

The distinctive logo of Fellos Wine Bar in Nicosia is of an oak wine barrel and it hints that this popular and contemporary styled bar in the heart of the capital has its feet firmly in one of the island's oldest traditions - winemaking. Fellos combines great music and atmosphere with the enjoyment of good wine no wonder many of its visitors to go there regularly...

Patio Cocktail Bar

If you are wandering in the Old Walled City of Nicosia and you hear some really good music check the street sign because you are probably in Great Alexander Street home to The Patio Cocktail, Wine & Tapas Bar. The name Patio is synonymous with colourful style and whether you decide to sit inside or out you will find that Patio has been innovatively styled with great attention to detail. Outside the main talking point is definitely the multicoloured wall that quietly changes throughout the evening as the music plays. Patio is THE place for great cocktails, all carefully blended and expertly shaken and then poured into just the right sort of glass with clever trimmings and accompaniments.

Garden Day and Night

Garden Day & Night is situated in the heart of Old Nicosia just across from one of the best museums, The Cyprus Museum, and has been fabulously renovated and revamped by its current owners into a stylish meeting place that is a great restaurant bar and cocktail bar offering great music and is the perfect place to RELAX either with friends or your loved one....

The ambience of this city oasis is amazing! It has one of the largest outside areas in Nicosia and is absolutely stunning with leafy walkways in decking that wander around numerous pools with plenty of seating areas.As one visitor recently described it - 'green, serene, luscious, comfy and romantic'.

Asmation Live

Asmation Live is now a reference point in the musical life of the capital and a unique proposal for fun. If you are looking for the Greek 'bouzoukia' then Asmation Live is your best choice.  Every Friday and Saturday in the assiduity of the Island's most known performers. Some nights stay etched in your mind forever! Surely a night to rember is to spend a night at Asmation.


State is the labour of their love for food, drinks, sounds; a simple yet complex equation of what we view as a beautiful hospitable experience. A  glamorous, minimally decorated restaurant/lounge which allows an exquisite dining and grooving experience. Both during the cold evenings of winter and the hot nights of summer State is the place to be.



Angela from Stayplanet

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