Different Christmas and New Year's Eve Traditions Around the World 07/12/2017


On December 4th, Saint Barbara’s day, in Switzerland people put a little cherry branch in a glass of water. If the branch blooms before the 24th of December, it means good luck for the family and it also means that every marriage in the family will be prosperous. 


In Portugal they have a tradition to gather the family around during breakfast on Christmas Day and always leave one spare chair around the table. The chair is “reserved” for the spirit of family members who passed away. 


On New Year’s Day, the girls who are single are lined up and put a little bit of corn in front of their feet and after that, a rooster is released. It has been said that the lady who is behind the corn chosen by the rooster, will be marrying soon. 


 The tradition is to have a lot of people eating a type of pudding made of rice and one of those puddings will contain an almond. The person who eats the cake with the almond will get married within one year. 


There’s a myth that spiders would build spider webs on Christmas trees from poor widows. The myth now turned into a tradition of releasing a spider on your Christmas tree, for good luck. 


The New Year’s Eve for Brazilians is always a big party, but there’s a tradition not a lot of people know about. Brazilians choose the colour of their underwear depending on what they want for the rest of the year. White = peace/harmony, Yellow = money (gold), Blue = friendship, Red = love, Black = push away bad energy, and many more. 

Czech Republic 

During the festivities at the end of the year, women which are single have this tradition of throwing a shoe back over their shoulder. If the shoe falls and points at the door, that mean the woman will get married.  


The kids put shoes filled with straw, hoping Santa will come and exchange the shoes for presents. 


One big tradition in Japan is to have Christmas dinner at KFC. Yes, the fast-food chain restaurant.  


A tradition is to put straw under the table cloth to symbolize the birth of Jesus. When guests arrive they are asked to take a straw out. Green straw means luck and marriage. Yellow straw means another year of being single. 


In Kyrgystan the tradition is not a Christmas tree, but a New Year's Eve tree and the Ayaz Ata (Grandfather Frost) leaves presents under that tree! 


World's longest Christmas season!! Thailand starts celebrating Christmas as early as September and during those next 4 months, Christmas gets bigger and bigger! 

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