Tips for Saint Patrick's Day 13/03/2018

Let's learn a little bit about Saint Patrick's week in Dublin.

Saint Patrick's Day has been observed as a religious festival in Ireland for over a thousand years, though it was only recognised as a celebration of Irish culture and heritage in the 1970s. This special day is named in honor of Saint Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland who has been credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated every year on March 17 - in 2018 it falls on a Saturday, so much of you won't need the day off. More than 100,000 visitors are expected to join many locals for the party this year.

So here a list of do's and don'ts of Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin.


Do book ahead

Just like in any big event, accommodation in Ireland is expensive. In this case booking earlier is the lesser of two evils; so what are you waiting for? Let's book a hotel - see our offers on
If you book a hotel with us you will get a free Hop-on Hop-off Tour around the city.


Do stay more than one day

                                                     Greening the city - Government building 

In Dublin the festivities start on Thursday 15th with 'Greening the city', where the most iconic buildings are lit up with green lights. For 4 days the city will celebrate with fun fairs, live music and the traditional parade.


Do wake up early to see the parade

                                                             St.Patrick's Parade in Dublin

The St Patrick's Festival Parade on Saturday 17 March starts at noon in Parnell Sq., it heads along O’Connell St and Dame St, ending at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin like a true Irish native, wake up early and be on the streets around 10 am.
The parade starts at 12 and it lasts two hours, but if you stay in the one spot you will see it all in about 45 minutes.


Do be safe

Make a plan for a safe ride home, stay overnight at a hotel in Dublin (that you can easily book on or you can dial 016772222 for the Dublin taxi dispatch service that will automatically connect you to a taxi company.


Don't forget to bring some Euros

Before St. Patrick's Day, head to an ATM and withdraw some cash. On March 17th, the queue at the ATM is long and avoiding it means saving time for things like fun, food and drink.


Don't prefer Temple Bar area

                      Temple Bar during St.Patrick's Day

Temple Bar area is crowded and expensive on Saint Patrick's day, it would be better choosing other places in the city, in this way you can see a lot more of Dublin. Don't miss this opportunity! Alternatively, you can stroll through the pubs in nearby Dame Lane.


Don't forget 6 Nations

The kick-off is on Saturday 17 at 2:45 pm England versus Ireland.
The match itself will be played in Twickenham, southwest London, but pubs in Dublin, like the Living Room, will broadcast it.

                    Ireland vs England


Written by: Francesca Gatta from StayPlanet



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