Here’s How These 5 Countries Spend Their Valentine’s Day 14/02/2018

IN SOUTH AFRICA, they like to celebrate their Valentine’s Day by having plenty of festivals and other tokens of romance. It was common for the women in South Africa to literally wear their hearts on their sleeves on Valentine’s day. They done this by placing the names of the person whom they love on the sleeve of their shirt. It was a great and cheeky way for men to know of their secret lovers.

Photo credit: FallaTioPep via Wikimedia Commons

IN VALENCIA OF SPAIN, October 9th is the day when their Valentines is spent, where the saint patron of lovers, Saint Dionysius is celebrated! Also, on this day, many festivals and parades occur along with very decorative costumes.


Photo credit: Nicolas Conver via Wikimedia Commons

IN DENMARK, Valentine’s day is a day for the young and is not really for older couples. They like to create cards and give them to their lovers.  They like to call this card the “Lovers Card”. Normally, they will be transparent and shown through light where they see a visual of their lover handing a gift to their loved one.


IN BRAZIL, they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. Instead, they celebrate their version of Valentine’s day in which they like to call Día Dos Namorados, also known as “Lovers Day” on the 12th of June. In honour of this day, lovers like to exchange things such as sentimental gifts, flowers and have dinner dates at home with very close family and friends.


IN PHILLIPEANES, Valentine’s day is very similar to how standard western countries celebrate this tradition. This is a very common day for weddings to occur on. It is typical to celebrate these wedding ceremonies in public venues such as shopping centres and parks.


Written by: Valerie from StayPlanet


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