Going to England? Here are some tips! 20/11/2017

England is one of the most visited countries in Europe and even thought it looks like a small country, there is plenty to visit! So, do not rush and enjoy your visit!

1 - When flying to England, choose airlines which fly to smaller airports. You can save a lot of money on that.

         - A company like Ryanair will fly to Standsted and this flight will cost you less.

2 - England, Great Britain and United Kingdom all refer to different things!

         - England is the country! GB is the island, where Scotland and Wales take part! UK is the three countries + Northern Ireland!

3 - Don't just stay in London! England has some beautiful and historical places to visit apart from its capital!

         - Manchester, York, Liverpool, Cambridge and many others!

4 - Accents are very different depending where you go to.

         - South, North, West and East England are all completely different and sometimes it will sounds like it’s not even English.

5 - Reserve in advance! England is small country, but attracts MANY tourists, so remember to look for accommodation early!

         - Go to www.stayplanet.com and find the best accommodation early for you. The best deals awaits.

6 - August is the busiest month for tourists in England.

         - August is when summer is coming to an end, so the temperature is perfect!

7 - Eat a traditional English Breakfast!! But be ready, it's big!

         - Bacon, fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or toast with butter, and sausages. Black pudding, baked beans, bubble and squeak and hash browns are often also included.

8 - Take raingear. Weather in England is a bit unpredictable.

         - Because of its location and for being an island, it rains more frequently in England. A lot of times is a very small rain that stays there for a long time, but better be safe than sorry.

9 - Everyone loves a cup of tea! So go and give it a try!

         - And don’t forget to add a little bit of milk.

10 - Purchase a power adaptor. England has a different plug and voltage!

         - In England, the adaptor has 3 points and the voltage is 240v.

11 - Always remember... they drive on the left! And when crossing the street, look to your right!

         - This might be confusing at first, but pay very very very good attention.

12 - Enjoy the pubs and the nightlife England is known for and have fun!!

         - As simple as that! England has a great nightlife and amazing pubs. Go out and enjoy your night!


by Gustavo Cunha from StayPlanet

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