Bangkok by night 09/11/2017

"One night in Bangkok can make a hard man humble" sings Murray Head in his song One Night in Bangkok. While Bangkok has been classified as one of the safest and relaxed cities in the world, it also has a reputation for its exquisite nightlife, great atmosphere and uniqueness. A night in Bangkok consist of cheap drinks, cheap taxis and can range from a simple bar, to live music in jazz clubs and fancy restaurants, whatever it is you name it, Bangkok will most probably have it! So, if you are looking for an unforgettable night in Bangkok here are some of the many options you have. 

  1. Night markets 

Yes, you read that right, Bangkok has night markets, offering a feeling of carnival, with a great variety of snacks, booze, bars and of course live music! If you are looking for authentic local handmade products, and an alternative shopping experience while having fun then the night markets are a must!!   

  1. Roof top bars 

You are in a new country, you want to get a drink and chill but feel like you should be doing something more "exciting" than just going to a bar? No need to worry, Bangkok has you covered! With probably more roof top bars you can name, and a breathtaking view, you surely be spending your night quite awesomely!! Keep in mind however, rooftop bars have dress codes! 


  1. Clubs 

We couldn't make a nightlife list without clubs, could we? Dance the night away, drink and enjoy yourself while listening playlists chosen by some of the greatest Dj's in the world.  


  1. Jazz bars 

Like mentioned before, there is a "classier" way to spend your night in Bangkok. Enjoying a drink while listening to some talented jazz musicians. 

  1. Ladyboy shows 

Another unique aspect of Thai nightlife, is the ladyboy shows. A spectacular show in flamboyant costumes and paying tribute to the female form.  

  1. Restaurants  

For those looking for a more romantic way to spend their night, or just a way to please both their appetite and eyes give a try to the dinner cruises on Chao Praya River. Get spellbound by the view while satisfying your pallet with some exquisite dishes. 


Hope you like our list and enjoy your time in Thailand, Bangkok 

Emily from StayPlanet 



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