Bachelor Party in Dublin 22/05/2019

You surely wonder why when the sun falls, pops up on either side groups of girls all cheerful and for the most with funny outfits. Bachelor party is everywhere in Dublin, the question that everybody wants to know is why choose a country synonymous of greyness and rain. Here I will show you that Ireland offer so much entertainment that you will forget about the weather.


Is it really necessary to specify it? Dublin and its pubs are legendary, and it is for nothing.

They offer different atmospheres, different styles of music and entertainment. There is no reason why anyone should miss a tour of the pubs in Dublin, the Temple Bar or the pubs around the city centre.



From techno, house, pop, hip hop, reggaeton, salsa, to commercial tubes, Dublin offers a wide variety of clubs, open from 10 pm to 3-4 am. Notify the club if you want to do something special, play a certain song or book a VIP table. 



The Before…

All depend of what your groups likes, you can organize a Kayak session on the Liffey, do party bike , indoor or outdoor paintball, airsoft, Footgolf, karting near the airport, football bubbles or the famous escape room. There is many ideas just have to let your imagination do it.

 Also you can rent the services of a party bus perfect to start your evening and arrive at the club already ready to party.



What would a bachelor party be without a striptease show? A pleasant or awkward moment for the bachelor, but it is the MUST for a bachelor’s or boy’s funeral.



If you love sports, why not test and practice Gaelic sports? Gaelic football, hurling or a game of rugby... Ireland has some nice surprises in store for you. This is for both girls and boys, although this type of activity is more often appreciated by boys.


So bring all your closes friends and let’s get the party started!

Written by Lea

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