5 things to see in Prague 22/01/2018

The following is a tourist’s guide to the city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Prague is a beautiful city with many architectural gems such as Prague castle and Charles bridge, as well as the abundance of small cobblestone side streets with plenty of restaurants, bars and pubs.



Old Town Square

Old Town Square is the medieval heart of Prague and with the astronomical clock, the churches and the cobble stone side streets it is easy to see why.

It dates back to the 12th century and is home to many historical buildings including the Old Town City Hall, the church of Lady of Tyn and the baroque St Nicholas Church. 

The medieval Astronomical Clock – The Prague Orloj – was built in 1410. This ancient clock still functions, and provides accurate data on a number of astrological events. Each hour, the clock chimes, and a series of moving wooden puppets come out for the entertainment of the visitors. Each hour, the clock chimes, and a series of moving wooden puppets come out for the entertainment of the visitors.




Charles Bridge

The most famous and oldest bridge on the River Vlatva is without doubt one of the most romantic places in the city. Re-built many times the present bridge dates back to the 14th century and founded by Charles IV in 1357. 

Charles Bridge is flanked by a series of giant stone statues, representing religious figures and icons. One of these statues is said to bring luck to whoever touches it. Thirty sculptures adorn the bridge and today tourists cross from the old town to the lesser town and enjoy the entertainments taking place.




Prague Castle

The original seat of Czech kings — and now, Czech presidents — is a beautiful complex of palaces, churches, towers and gardens offering splendid views over the city. 

 From the two Titans framing the entrance to St. George’s Basilica and the Cathedral within its walls, the Castle has many sights for the curious traveller.

Below the castle walls are a series of stepped gardens full of trees and quiet benches for looking out over the city.




Wenceslas Square

With its art nouveau houses lining the almost 700 meter long boulevard, this is the cultural and shopping heart of Prague. The statue of Saint Vaclav is the famous meeting point where all the adventures start.

The largest square in the city, Wenceslas Square was home to much of Prague’s history, including the Nazi Occupation and the Communist Takeover, as well has having been the starting point of the Velvet Revolution.



Letna Park

Letná Park is on a hillside, providing spectacular views of Prague's Old Town. It is a great place to visit especially in the summer. The locals come here in the afternoon after work to enjoy the views, drink beers, eat takeaway sausages and chat with their friends.

This extensive park with grassy areas, mature trees, a colourful assortment of bushes planted on the hillsides, and a long plane tree-lined avenue provides not only a pleasant place to sit and relax but also unparalleled views of the city, especially from the Hanavský Pavilion - a unique cast-iron building with a restaurant. 


Written by: Emmet Foxe



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