Budget places in Dublin 26/03/2018

Many people believe that Dublin is very expensive, however it shouldn’t have to be. If you are on a budget holiday, want to grab something quickly, or just not up to fine dining these places are where you should go. Just eating a dish will cost you around €10 and it’s still really delicious!

  • El Grito (Mexican):

In Dublin, you will have 2 choices when it comes to Mexican food. Either you go to a dining restaurant to eat with a commercial menu or you can have the real deal. Which in a lot of Mexican people’s eyes is El Grito. The place serves real Mexican tacos which are very delicious and cheap. The average price is about €5 to €8.

The place is very small, about 5 seats, so take into consideration that you may need to take it out. On the other hand, the people are very friendly!

Other very nice and cheap places for Mexican food are: Boojum, Little Ass Burrito Bar, and Pablo Picante.

If you are visiting Boojum, make sure to try the Burrito Bowl! It’s healthier than the other options and very tasty.

  • Bunsen (American fast food):

If you are more up to the American fast food with Burgers and French Fries then this is the place to go. It’s way better than the standard McDonalds or Burger King.

Another nice burger bar is: WowBurger

  • Pieman Café (European):

If you are walking through Temple bar, I would definitely suggest to pay a visit to Pieman Café for dinner. It has a loads of choices in Pies and you can add addition side dishes such as peas and mushed potato. Prices range from €4 to €12 which is really cheap for such good pies!

  • Umi Falafel (Arabic):

I would say Umi Falafel is one of my favourite places to go in Dublin. I’ve never had Arabic food before visiting the restaurant but it was really delicious! Just going inside you will notice the delicious smell and the friendly environment. The delicious each costs you about 5 – 6 euros. For small eaters just a falafel will fill you up, but for large eaters I would suggest getting a side dish. My personal preference goes out to the Palestinian Falafel, the Cheese and Spinach Filo roll and their Moroccan Quinoa Salad. After dinner, you would feel that you have eaten a healthy meal even though you stuffed yourself with delicious food!

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