Limerick's Nightlife 03/11/2017

Did you know that Limerick's city centre got the prestigious Purple Flag award for its excellence in operating its evening and night – time economy? Beaches have the Blue Flag, and so nightlife has the Purple Flag as the 'Gold Standard', showing a diverse, well – managed, enjoyable and entertaining night out.  

 Limerick's bars cater to all occasions and tastes, from super cosy snugs in fire lit pubs to lively nightclubs. Bellow, we suggest you some places that you can have fun and get a little drunk in Limerick. 


100 O'Connell Street, Limerick 

+353 61 211 000 

One of the city's wine bars that are perfect for a girl's night out. The Copper Room is Limerick’s premier wine, cheese, and port house.
At the Chopper Room, you can enjoy a glass of wine, with a cheese board, while enjoying the unique atmosphere in candlelight.



19 Thomas Street, Limerick 

+353 61 609 000 

The Cornstore brags three floors offering a buzzy, lively, Manhattan style surrounding. The internal space is mirrored to match with the stylish elegance of
its 'sister' restaurant in Cork with pewter style bar, complex floor tiling,  cosy booths and intimate lighting. 



34 Cecil Street, Limerick 

+353 61 415749 

If you want to enjoy and experience the authentic Irish pub you should visit Tom Collins pub. Tom Collins is a traditional Irish Pub located on Cecil Street 



Denmark Street, Limerick 

+353 61 310766 


This modern hotspot presents only the very best in live Irish bands, drawing the crowds sing and dance along to all the favourites of pop and rock. With live bands
7 nights a week you're guaranteed to have a blast no matter when you may choose to visit. 



Howley's Quay, Limerick 

+353 61 513282 


This 'new kid on the block' will draw the crowd on Saturday nights. The house is located along Limerick's scenic riverfront, and has a feeling of luxury, relaxed glamour, and 
ease throughout. 





Angela from StayPlanet

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