Galway by night 03/11/2017

Are you in Galway, or planning to go there but still haven't decided how you are going to spend your evening? Well, read on to find some great pubs and clubs to visit when in Galway! No matter your age group, there is a place for everyone! 


  1. Spanish Arch  

The Spanish arch is Galway's "Latin quarter" in which you will find numerous pubs for every taste 

  1.  CPs  

IDA Industrial Estate, Dunmore Rd, Demesne, Tuam, Co. Galway 

A club fit for students! A place where you can let loose and meet new people. 

  1. Karma 

       Karma, Galway, Eyre square, Galway 

Another club for older students. If you want to dance your heart out and make new friends then Karma is the place to be! 

  1. Halo 

  1. 36 Upper Abbeygate St. Galway

Halo is ideal for young professionals from 23 and above. You'll be amazed by this spacious two-floor elegant club! 

  1. Monroe's Live 

Monroe's, Dominick Street, Galway, Ireland 

Monroe's Live is a promising venue with a different gig every weekend. A great venue for those looking for a live performance. 


Do you agree with our list? Do you have any recommendations for what else we should include? Enjoy your night at Galway!! 

Emily from StayPlanet 


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