English Cuisine 21/11/2017

Known by its simple and delicious style and dishes that are warm and make you feel like home!


Bubble and Squeak
- Leftover vegetables from dinner, fried in a hot pan. The name comes from the sound of the dish cooking.

Lancashire Hotpot
- Made from lamb and onions, topped with sliced potatoes.

Full English Breakfast
- Usually includes bacon, sausages, eggs, toast, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and a good cup of tea with it (and don’t forget the milk).

Bread and Butter Pudding
- Made with layers slices of stale buttered bread, raising and egg custard mix.

Toad in the Hole
- Sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter.


Shepherd’s Pie
- A meat (beef or lamb) pie with a mashed-potato crust!


Yorkshire Pudding
- A batter dish made with eggs, flour and milk and eaten with gravy.

Steak and Kidney Pie
- Traditional pie made with salted beef broth, thickened with flour or cornstarch and often with ale or stout added.


Black Pudding
- A blend of onions, pork fat, oatmeal and blood.


Fish and Chips
- No secrets on this one... the famous fish with chips!

Roast Beef
- Meat roasted in the over for around 2 hours and the accompaniments with it will depend on the type of meet you cook, beef (horseradish sauce, English mustard, gravy, Yorkshire pudding), lamb (onion sauce, red-currant jelly, mint sauce, savoury herb pudding) or pork (apple sauce, pease pudding, roast apples).

Bangers and Mash
- Sausages with mash potatoes usually served with gravy.

- Pastry shell which was used to be filled with meat and potatoes.




Gustavo Cunha from StayPlanet

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