Christmas markets in Germany 12/12/2017

Germany, the proud host of the original Christkindlmarkt Christmas market, in Nuremberg, is dressed in its finest Christmas colours during this festive season. Almost every town opens its own Christmas market in the town square, each celebrating Christmas in a magical way. From Dresden home of the oldest Christmas market, the huge Marienplatz market in Munich to the Tollwood Winter Festival and so much more!! Locals and tourists come all together to enjoy gingerbread hearts, Lebkuchen (spiced gingerbread), sweets, and hot mulled wine (Glühwein). We created a list with some of these towns and the dates for their Christmas markets. 


Nuremberg – Home of the original Christkindlmarkt Christmas market 

Christmas markets in Nuremberg: 01/12-24/12/2017 

On the Friday before the Advent of Christmas, the "Christkind" dressed in a golden white gown, opens its market. 


Leipzig – Get a chance to explore Leipzig's traditional medieval market! 

Christmas markets in Leipzig: 28/11-23/12/2017 

Leipzig is home to one of the oldest Christmas market dating to 1458, today with more than 250 stalls is one of the largest in Germany as well.  


Dresden – Oldest Christmas Market (1435) 

Christmas markets in Dresden: 29/11-24/12/2017 

With eleven Christmas markets and the biggest Christmas market, Striezelmarkt, Dresden is sure to attract a huge crowd. Watch as the city comes to life with Christmas carols, beautiful handmade figures, parades and shining lights.  


Cologne – Small Christmas markets, big, themed Christmas markets!  

Christmas markets in Cologne: 27/11 - 23/12/2017 

Where the captivating aroma of gingerbread, grilled sausages, and mulled wine permeate the air! 


Rothenburg – Germany's Winter Wonderland 

Christmas markets in Rothenburg: 01/12 - 23/12/2017 

Wooden booths, mulled wine, roasted almonds, music, Christmas carols, illuminated streets and picturesque town squares.  


Aachen – A colourful and illuminated paradise!! 

Christmas markets in Aachen: 24/11 - 23/12/2017 

Watch the town of Aachen come to life, as the streets are illuminated with colourful lights, filled with Christmas carols and the festive aroma of Christmas goodies. With a marry-go-round for the younger crowd and mulled wine for the adults, it's the perfect combination for families, and people of every age. If that's not enough, stroll around the markets to find the perfect handmade gift for your loved ones! 


Dusseldorf – Ice skating  

Christmas markets in Dusseldorf: 23/11 - 30/12/2017

Show off your ice skating skills at the 1,700-square meter Ice rink on Corneliusplatz or relive the Christmas magic in the new Fairy Tale Market!!  


Berlin – Air swings, railway, and an old-time classic carousel! 

Christmas markets in Berlin: 25/11 - 31/12/2017 

Visit Berlin and the infamous Christmas market at the breath-taking Charlottenburg Palace, romantic, beautiful and unique. A tour to the Palace is also available and a walk through the majestic gardens. What more could you ask for?  


Bremen – Where the Christmas spirit comes to life 

Christmas markets in Bremen: 27/11 - 23/12/2017 

Why not enjoy a stroll in a UNESCO World Heritage site this Christmas? Bremen holds a Christmas market on the historical market square which is surrounded by the Roland statue and the town hall. Of course, the market extends to the cathedral, the Church of Our Lady and along the Weser river.   


Baden-Baden – For a huge and beautiful Christmas market 

Christmas markets in Baden-Baden: 21/11 - 30/12/2017 

Like in every good Christmas market, here you will find Christmas treats, a carousel, mulled wine, and lots of lights. Live music and the small streets add an extra touch of Christmas spirit.                                               


Rüdesheim - The 24th Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations  

Christmas markets in Rüdesheim: 23/11 - 23/12/2017 

Someone may wonder why it is called the Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations, well that is a very good question! Rüdesheim celebrates Christmas in a very special and traditional way at River Rhine. Six continents come together, with more than 15 nations carrying and offering their goods, customs, traditions, and celebrations of the season.  


Worms - Smell the mulled wine and freshly baked biscuits  

Christmas markets in Worms: 23/11 - 23/12/2017 

Smell the mulled wine and freshly baked biscuits as you walk through the illuminated alleys, listening to Christmas carols and the majestic melody from live street musicians.  


Braunschweig - Festive atmosphere and elegant Christmas lights 

Christmas markets in Braunschweig: 29/11 - 29/12/2017 

Purchase gifts this Christmas from one of the 150 artisans in the squares around St. Blaise Cathedral. You will find a variety of products from jewelry to hand-made gifts, leather goods, and wooden toys! 


Stuttgart - Lovely Christmas markets 

Christmas market in Stuttgart: 29/11 - 23/12/2017 

 Who says the owners of the stalls don't deserve a gesture of kindness and appreciation for all their hard work to create an unforgettable Christmas experience for people from all over the world? Stuttgart is the place honoring them and their hard work, it's a place where the 287 stalls "compete" for the prize of the Christmas Market's most beautiful stall. To add to the magic of Christmas, the city's town hall transforms into an enormous Advent calendar, where a "door" is opened each day to reveal by degrees the coats of arms of Stuttgart's boroughs!! 


Würzburg - A paradise of handcrafted items!  

Christmas markets in Würzburg: 01/12 - 23/12/2017   

Visit Würzburg for a chance to get your hands on hard to find handcrafted items. Würzburg focuses on them and brings them to you, during this magical season. 


Trier – Visit Trier for the most romantic Christmas market 

Christmas markets in Trier: 27/11 - 22/12/2017 

This year the Christmas markets in Trier change almost every day. You will have the chance to choose between puppet theatre, songsmiths, star tenor and so much more, but who says you can't do them all?? Travelers often refer to the Trier Christmas market as "romantic with wonderful ambiance, so what do you have to lose? Take a loved one and go see for yourself!   


Hamburg - One of the best places to celebrate Christmas 

Christmas markets in Hamburg: 03/11 - 30/12/2017 

As one of the best places to celebrate Christmas, Hamburg promises a Christmas full of tradition, with a unique style and unforgettable moments!! The Christmas markets in Hamburg help elevate the Christmas spirit during this magical season, with their own touch of uniqueness, and diversity. 


Merry Christmas everyone or as they say in Germany, Frohe Weihnachten!  

Emily from StayPlanet  




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