12 Christmas Dishes from Around the World 13/12/2017

1. France - Coquilles Saint-Jacques

Scallops with cheese and herbs served in little shells as an appetizer. Add that to the list of reasons to move to France.

2. Italy - Feast of Seven Fishes

Calamari, linguini with clams, shrimp scampi -- everything about this dinner commemorating the wait for the birth of Jesus is absolute perfection

3.  Venezuela - Hallacas

These little packages of goodness are stuffed with a mixture of capers, raisins, peppers, and various meats and wrapped in maize and plantain leaves

4. Russia - Zakuski

These fishy appetizers feature many sour and salty flavours, making them excellent with shots of vodka.#

5. Brazil - Ceia de Natal 

This Brazilian Christmas turkey feast is unlike anything else, with a marinade made from champagne and spices.

6. Mexico - Chiles en nogada 

This festive dish is comprised of meat-stuffed, fire-roasted poblano peppers covered in a creamy walnut sauce and a pomegranate seed garnish.

7.Ethiopia -  Doro Wat on Injera 

This spicy meat stew is perfect for the spongy bliss that is injera. 

8. Greece & Cyprus - Chicken Soup Avgolemono 

Avgolemono is served as a first course at a Christmas feast, and with its blend of chicken, lemon, egg, and rice is absolutely enticing. 

9. Spain - Lagostinos a la plancha 

Gambas a la plancha, or grilled shrimp, is a classic Spanish tapa recipe. Whole, unpeeled shrimp are salted, then cooked quickly on a flat-iron grill. During and after cooking, lemon juice can be squeezed on the shrimp, giving them even more flavour. What a pure and simple dish for the Christmas table.

10. Madagascar - Akoho sy voania

Chicken-coconut stew over rice is the perfect winter comfort food, fro Christmas. 

11.Ireland - Spiced Beef 

Spiced beef is an Irish holiday favourite and involves a flavorful fruit and spice rub

12. India - Kulkuls 

India may have a very small Christian population, but that doesn't mean the celebration is sparse in any way. Just look at these adorable coconut cookies! 


Angela from StayPlanet


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