Summer in Spain 25/05/2018

In Spain, there is something for everyone: nature, beaches, mountain, big cities, fun and culture. It’s a cheap country with the best beaches in Europe, a wide range of festivals and sun, sun, sun! Good weather is one of Spain’s identifying features, with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.  It is the country with the third most World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO and its capital, Madrid, has a wide cultural offering and some of the most important museums in the country. In Madrid you will love the "Art Route". 

As well as the capital, here are some other lovely places Spain can provide enjoyment for tourists:

Granada, The Land of a Thousand Castles

Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains and meeting the four rivers – Darro, Genil, Monachil and the Beiro Granada is a compelling city where the Islamic architecture and Arab-flavoured street life go hand in hand with monumental churches, old-school tapas bars and counterculture graffiti art

Seville, a Doorway to the Past

Seville is a city that seduces and disarms you with its historic centre, colossal Gothic cathedral and baroques churches.  You’ll hear the traditional dance music pulsing out everywhere from dark bars, and you will witness the beautiful passionate dance of Flamenco.

Valencia is Pure Science Fiction

Contemporary buildings grace the city, such as Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It is Spain’s third-largest city and it is getting on with being a wonderfully liveable city with thriving cultural, eating and nightlife scenes.


Bilbao is a Different Perspective of Arts

Surrounded by rolling green hills and with a breath-taking coastline, Bilbao is a town that tourists can easily jaunt about in. Bilbao is the new modern face of the Basque Country. The city has been able to successfully mix traditional Basque culture with a new vision for the future. It is an absolute must for design and culture lovers.



In Barcelona you will fall in love with Modernism thanks to the works of the famous architect Gaudí, including the Sagrada Familia and Güell Park. You will always be able to find a festival, exhibition, musical or guided tour to interest you. During the day you can go shopping or have a drink at one of our typical terrace bars. If you like good food, you can choose from one of our prestigious restaurants or try a few typical tapas. You cannot leave without trying some of our traditional dishes, like paella or Spanish omelette, accompanied by a good wine.

Costa Blanca

The long stripe of the Costa Blanca (White Coast) is one of Spain's premier holiday coasts, popular with both domestic and foreign visitors. It's very busy in summer, with a lively social scene and great beaches.


Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol directly translates to the 'Coast of the Sun' which isn't surprising as it is widely known for its coastal features. Costa del Sol, formally known for its fishing villages is now one of the top summer holiday destinations. This is due to the large amounts of theme and water parks, attracting many families, white villages and golf resorts guaranteeing a little something for everyone.

Written by Francesca at StayPlanet.

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