Liverpool "World Capital City of Pop" 23/11/2017

World Capital City of Pop

Yes, Liverpool is most known because of The Beatles, but did you knew that Liverpool is actually the closest English city from Dublin? Did not knew that? Yes, that’s why the connection between them is so big.

With a population close to half a million people, Liverpool is one of the biggest cities in England and even though is not well know like London or Manchester for the size and also not known for its charm like the little villages around England. Liverpool has a lot to show!

Liverpool is a big city with a very international mind. Full of amazing restaurants for every taste, museums to visit, a city centre and port which had been restored and are now well preserved and beautiful areas, and also a well known nightlife.

Albert Dock – appointed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the dock is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the city (and country). At the docks you can find museums, restaurants, bars and galleries.

Liverpool One – A huge place for shopping in Liverpool! Streets and more streets full of stores as far as your eyes can see. Prepare your wallet!!

Liverpool Cathedral – there are 2 cathedrals in the city and they are both beautiful to visit and they should definitely be on your trip agenda.

Anfield – the iconic stadium from Liverpool FC has an atmosphere that you cannot find in many other stadiums. You can do a tour inside the stadium and you will feel that “You Will Never Walk Alone” being one of the Liverpool fans.

Lennon’s and McCartney’s house – Visit the childhood house where these two Beatles grew up! I don’t need to say anything else.

Magical Mystery Tour – The Beatles tour will take you to many spots known by the iconic group; Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and many others.

Knowsley Safari Park – Very close from Liverpool is this amazing zoological/safari park full with animals from all over the world is an amazing tourist attraction. You can do a safari on your own car and see incredible animals, such as elephants, lions and wolves.

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