4 more places to spend Christmas 20/12/2017

Finland - Helsinki 

From the 2nd of December till the 22nd of December, this year Helsinki throws a Christmas Market for family and friends to relax, enjoy delicious treats and booze. The festive mood is brought to life with an old carousel surrounded by 140 stalls offering both handmade and design gift items. The market is held at the Senate Square and is open on weekdays from 11 am to 8 pm and on the weekend from 10 am to 7 pm. 

Finland - Rovaniemi/Lapland 

Rovaniemi, Santa Claus' hometown, a frosty landscape, with brightly illuminated Christmas and ice sculptures, is considered to be the most Christmassy place on Earth. Santa Claus Village is the attraction luring the most tourists in Rovaniemi, people travel from almost every corner of the world just to get a chance to meet Santa while the younger ones bake gingerbread cookies with Mrs. Claus, compose their Christmas wish lists with a traditional quill after taking calligraphy classes, get their postcards stamped at Santa's post office, enroll in Elf School.

A place sure to amaze both children and adults, with reindeer and husky-dog rides (2-hour ride; around €150 for adults/around €110 for kids), museums and a vast of other thrilling winter activities like snowmobile safaris, and spending the night in an ice hotel, made from nothing else but snow and ice. Do not worry, however, the hot tubs and saunas will help keep you warm. For those of you preferring something warmer, you can always stay in the luxurious wooden cabins!  What's more? If you are lucky you will get to admire the spectacular Northern Lights!   


Sweden - Stockholm 

With a Christmas market dating back to 1915, Stockholm offers a magical Christmas experience through the illuminated streets, gingerbread, warm glögg, sweets and crafts! The market is held in Stortorget, and this year it opens its doors on the 18th of November till the 23rd of December. Be sure to check this old and traditional market as you stole the lighted pathways while enjoying your holiday shopping. 

Iceland - Reykjavik 

Iceland, another magical Christmas destination, has the tradition of the 13 "Yuletide Lads".  Also known as the scruffy Santas, they bring gifts to kids who for the 13 nights leading up to Christmas have been nice. However, a unique tradition is not the only thing Iceland has to offer during Christmas, one of the rest is a spectacular natural light show, with the brilliant aurora borealis lighting up the dark night sky. On Ingolfstorg is held the Yule Town Christmas market, made up of rows of small huts overflown with festive decorations, gifts, and tasty treats, with the craftsmen and designers setting their stalls up for only a day. While in Reykjavik, you can also enjoy a number of excursions such as an ice cave tour, whale watching and so much more. 


So where are you spending your Christmas holidays? 


Emily from StayPlanet

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