15 Typical food of Spain 13/03/2019

Spain is a country with one of the best gastronomies in the world, this is a selection of the best food in Spain. 15 dishes that you will have to try if you go to Spain.  

  1. Paella 

This is a typical food in the region of Valencia. It is typical in all regions of Spain but originally is from Valencia. It is made of rice and vegetables, pork, rabbit meat. Sometimes it’s made of shellfish like prawns. If you want to try something different, eat the Arroz Negro, is made for Squid Ink. 


  1. Anchovy 

The anchovy is a typical food from the regions of the north of Spain, normally Cantabria. The most famous anchovies are in Santona a small town of Cantabria. The anchovy is a little fish, it can be served in three different ways.  

The first way is the fried fish in Spain called ‘’Bocarte’’ 

The second way is the most famous way to eat this fish, the authentically anchovy. It is the fish saved in salt for months. Then you eat the famous anchovy in Spain called ‘’anchoa’’. 

The third way is the fish saved in vinegar for a night and then with olive oil. In Spain called ‘’boqueron’’. 


  1. ‘’Cocido Madrileno’’ 

It is a soup with the accompanying ingredients outside the plate, you have to join inside your plate whatever you want. The ingredients are chickpeas, blood sausage, cabbage...etc. 

  1. ‘’Cocido Montanes’’ 

It is the typical food in a region in the north of Spain called ‘Cantabria’ the main ingredient is a white bean, other ingredients are cabbage and pork food like bacon, rib..etc. 

  1. Morcilla de Burgos 

‘’Blood sausage’’ Is a food typical in Burgos a city situated in the region of Castilla y Leon, its ingredients are blood, onion, and rice.  

  1. ‘’Spanish Toast’’ Torrijas 

‘’The Spanish Toast’’ Is a typical food in Easter. It is made of bread a few days ago in milk and then fried, decorated with sugar or honey. 



  1. Serrano Ham  

Serrano Ham is the most famous and common in Spain. It comes from pork. Is a type of dry-cured ham. From all of the varieties of Iberian pigs. It is usually served in thin slices. 

  1. ‘’Tortilla de patatas’’ 

Potato omelet is a stew made of potato and eggs, sometimes with onion. It is famous in all regions of Spain but in some regions is eaten in breakfast. 


  1. ‘’Bacalao al pil-pil’’ 

Codfish with ‘’pil-pil’’ sauce. This sauce is made of garlic, chili, olive oil and the skin’s jelly of the codfish. It is typical in the region of Bilbao. 

  1. ‘’Oricios’’ 

Echinus is common to eat in the region of Galicia and Asturias. It can be eaten alive without a cook.  

  1. ‘’Salmorejo/ Gazpacho’’ 

The salmorejo or the gazpacho is a cool soup made of vegetables and olive oil. They are typical of the region of Andalucia. Sometimes they are eaten with boiled eggs, ham and olive oil like decoration. 



  1. ‘’Pantumaca’’ 

Pantumaca is a toast with natural tomato spread and olive oil, it is normally eaten with jam. This toast is typical of Catalonia and Balearic Islands.  

  1. ‘’Quesada’’ 

It is a dessert made of cheese, similar to cheesecake. It is one of the best-known dishes of Cantabria in the north of Spain. It can be served hot or cold. 

  1. ‘’Sobaos Pasiegos’’ 

It is a dessert from Cantabria too. Is like a small sponge cake. It is usually eaten in breakfast with milk.  

  1. ‘’Migas’’ 

‘’Migas’’ is the Spanish word for ‘’crumbs’’. They are Crushed bread cooked with bacon, sausage, and pepper. It is from the region of Castilla la Mancha. 

By Almudena

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