Festivals In Cyprus 16/11/2017

No matter the season there is always something happening in Cyprus, from Christmas markets to funfair lands and so much more. Read on about some of the major festivals in Cyprus, maybe you will want to join us there!

Carnival: Every year, the fasting for Easter is called Lent and it is 50 days before the Greek Christian Orthodox Easter. On that day Cypriots throw a big festival called the Carnival, where people of all ages dress up and enjoy their lunch with their whole family. After lunch time people go to the streets for the huge Carnival Parade. The streets are flooded with people from infants to elders, some watching and some parading. Limassol throws the biggest Carnival festivities with thousands of people parading and more than a hundred teams participating, each with a distinctive theme costume.  

Flood Festival – Kataklysmos: Kataklysmos takes place during the beginning of the summer, specifically at the day of the Holy Spirit which is 50 days after the Greek Orthodox Easter. Larnaca hosts the biggest events for this one, with live concerts, food markets, and so much more. At the day of Kataklysmos, or also known as the Flood Festival, children have water fights, mostly using water balloons and water guns.  

Wine Festival: One of the most famous Cypriot festival among the tourist. At the end of August, till the first week of September the Limassol Municipal Garden becomes the home of local free flowing wines. With displays of old traditional homes, musical concerts, theatrical dramas, food and candy markets and of course, wine!! Younger children can also get to step on grapes and create their own grape juice, a small step for creating delicious wine. 

Panigiri: Last but not least, on the name day of a saint an open-air fete takes place usually at the Church build in the name of the Saint.  

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