5 Best New Year's Eve Around the World 20/12/2017

New Year’s Eve is a night of happiness, fireworks, family, friends, laughter and celebration. 

StayPlanet brings you 5 of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve! 


  1. New York, USA 
    - One of the most famous places to spend New Year’s Eve in the world is Times Square, NY. Every year millions of people get together to watch the Time Square New Year’s Eve Ball drop. At midnight a rain of confetti and the fireworks kick off blowing up the sky. The party goes on for a long time after, with concerts at times square and at many clubs and bars. 


  1. Sydney, Australia 
    - The first big city in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve! Sydney has one of the biggest celebrations in the world with an incredible firework show over the Harbour Bridge. Around a million and a half people gather around the bridge and on boats to watch the show. 


  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
    - Happiness, a beautiful beach and A LOT OF FIREWORKS! New Year’s Eve in Rio is an incredible and unique experience. The fireworks start at midnight with a soundtrack that can be heard through the entire beach by the millions of people who come every year to the beach at this special night. The party doesn’t finish after the fireworks display is over though... Big concerts at the beach, hotels and bars carry the New Year’s night on until the morning. 


  1. London, UK 
    - When the Big Ben strikes midnight, the traditional fireworks around the London Eye turn into the main attraction for New Year’s Eve in London. Since 2014 the party started to be paid and controlled by the police to assure its safety, but if you do not want to pay and join the 250000 people which buy the tickets, you will for sure be able to see the fireworks from many places in London. 


  1. Dubai, EAU 
    - A destination who always wants to shine more and more, Dubai has an incredible night for New Year’s Eve. With many fireworks which light up entire buildings, like the Burj Khalifa and its 160 floors, and the entire Dubai bay! The city dedicates a special time to project every New Year’s Eve since 2013 and every year the party is getting bigger, better and brighter! 

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