Unknown places in Dublin 05/11/2018

Dublin isn’t a big city, however there are so many different things to discover for the one who knows that the city holds many secret places... All Dubliners will certainly know these places but tourists may not, even travel guide books don’t know them all!  

The first place I want you to discover is the town of Dún Laoghaire. Situated in the south of Co Dublin and at the seaside, this town is a little treasure of Ireland. The architecture is gorgeous and each Sunday you can enjoy the weekly market in The Peoples Park. There you can savour homemade delicious meals from all around the world such as tapas, noodles, hamburgers, pastries and so much other things! You will also discover hand-crafted products as hats, pins, jewellery, and food. In Dún Laoghaire you also can have a walk on the pier to admire the whole town, you can also have a walk along the seaside to discover typical houses en enjoyed the relaxing sound of the sea.  

You want to go there? Nothing easier! Take the Dart from any Dublin station in direction of Bray, it is close to the city centre, you will just need 15 minutes to go! 




The second place, maybe more famous than Dún Laoghaire, is the George’s Street Arcade. Situated in the city centre of Dublin, this small market is sheltered by a huge and wonderful red-brick building. There you can find vintage shops, restaurants and different type of fast food, but the majority of shops are gadget shops.  



The third place you have to visit during your trip in Dublin is the Rathfarnham Castle. It’s the perfect trip during rainy days. Situated in Rathfarnham suburb of Dublin City, the Castle hides many secrets. From the outside, it’s not the most beautiful castle you will ever see, but from the inside, you will be completely amazed! After your visit you will even have the chance to drink a coffee and eat pastries in the Tea room of the Castle, which was the old Castle's kitchen. 




The fourth place is a pub called Sin é. In Dublin, you have as many pubs as different kind of people. Some are fancier, other are more Irish, other more touristic, and some of them are just perfect places to discover the Irish culture. I think the Sin é pub is one of these places. Situated not so far from Temple Bar and in the north part of the city, this pub offers you the perfect ambiance to spend a wonderful night! As many pubs in Ireland, the Sin é isn’t just a one-room pub, you have to wander in the pub to discover different rooms with their unique decoration.  



Finally, the fifth place you should visit during your journey in Dublin is the Ireland’s Eye Island. Situated next to Howth, the most famous Dublin island which hides a lot of secrets. You can easily spend one day in Howth walking in the streets, wandering on the pier, having a walk into the wild nature and admiring the Castle. However, you can also have a closer look to the Ireland’s Eye. You can see this island from the pier and you can even have a closer look thanks to boats! You have the choice: either you make a trip all around the island or you can even wander on the island. If you are lucky with the weather in summer, you can spend the whole day to the Ireland’s Eye beach!  




I hope you will find new places to discover in Dublin and around the city! Never close your eyes while you are wandering in the city you would be amazed by what you see...  


By Mathilde  



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