Tips on keeping track of New Year’s Resolutions!   07/01/2019


  1. Baby Steps. 

It is important to be able to take small steps at a time to fully reach to the climax of your New Year’s resolution goal! For example, instead of your resolution being ‘Exercise every day!’, change it to something simpler, like ‘Exercise 3x a week for 30 minutes.’ Then advance to the ultimate goal. It’ll be easier and worth it!  


  1. Don’t get discouraged if failed. 

If you find that you’ve slipped up on your resolution, don’t feel discouraged and not continue. The key to find success in a goal is persistence and to not give up! Cliché aside. It is completely normal and OK to slip up. A true journey is never perfect. 


  1. Try not to go alone 

Finding a partner to either help and support your journey or someone who has the same resolution as starting with someone isn’t so overbearing and difficult! Keeping track of each other’s results and progress is great for encouragement and push you to go forward. 


  1. Learn from Your Mistakes 

Do you still see yourself slipping up? Make sure every time you document what you done good and should stick to and what you could’ve either improved on or stopped altogether, so when you start up again it is a newer version each time and higher chance of success! 


  1. Document Everything 

Keeping track of all steps of your progress is a good tactic of motivation, dedication, and discipline! A tracker either on a diary or an app on your phone is all you need. 


By Valerie