Things to do in Phuket 19/03/2019

Phuket is the largest and most visited islands in Thailand because it’s the most fun and there is so much things to see and do! Here are some of the best activities to do see and things to see when you go there for a short term. 


  •                Get a trip to Wat Chalong  

You can take one day to visit this Buddhist temple. Wat Chalong is the most important symbol in Thailand because of their religion, it was built in the beginning of the 19th century. Before entering, you must remove your shoes because it’s a saint place. The tallest building on the grounds of Wat Chalong is 60 meters tall stupa (chedi) sheltering a bone fragment of Lord Buddha. Walls and ceilings of the temple are decorated with beautiful painting retracing the most significant steps of Buddha’s life. Each floor is also full of large donated golden statues. 



  • Phuket Big Buddha 

It’s one of the most famous landmarks in Phuket. It’s standing 45 meters tall. From the top, you can have a panoramic view of the island. The statue is made of Burmese marble and a little bit of sparkles than shine and sun is around. 



If you’re a nature lover, you can have a trip to go see the sacred animals in Thailand. 


  • Phuket Elephant Sanctuary 

It’s a national park for final retired working elephant. You can ride and touch them if you’re not afraid. You can have and book a program on their website if you want to be immersed in their life. 



  • Phuket Tiger Kingdom 

You can get an amazing experience by getting closer to tigers and taking photos and selfies with them.  You can book your experience on their website. 



  • Phang Nga Bay 

This is the most beautiful bay in Phuket. The area is full of lagoons, caves and mangroves, you can enjoy beautiful view from there. It's characterized by limestone cliffs and rock formations. The bay's waters are dotted with coral reefs. 



  • Bangla Road 

You can have a walk in this pedestrian street. It’s better in the night, because there is a lot of bars and pubs where you can go to enjoy with your friends.    




  • Phuket Week-End Night Market  

It’s the night market most visited. There is plenty of stalls which are selling everything at low-prices. It’s a perfect place for trying new foods (there isn’t only Thai food, you can find others type of food from everywhere). 



  • Promthep Cape 

This is the most romantic bay that you’ve never seen: you can seat and have a beautiful sea view. It’s better for lovers, you can go there and have a good time with your soulmates. 



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By Peggy                                              


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