Things to do in Morocco 20/03/2019

Things to do in Morocco 

  1. Sleep one night in the desert 

At least ones in our life. We have to travel to Morocco dessert and sleep one night there. The dessert is the best place to look at the stars without light pollution. It is recommended to sleep in a bivouac between the dunes. 

Depending on the season of the year you can sleep in a carpet in dromedary’s hair Haimas or in a normal bed in a tent. Always with the dinner and drum’s music. 


  1. Take tea with local people 

In most of the places, the people welcome you with tea, it is an excuse to start to know you. You only have to enjoy the place and their people. A good conversation, while the merchant shows you its products or while you are negotiating. 

  1. Walk and lose in a Medina 

Go for a walk in the medina of Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca, Tanger... Enjoy their streets and look at how their local people live. There are a lot of beautiful corners in their streets, they look like the time has stopped. You can walk into the city in dromedary, walking, quad or all-terrain. 

  1. Go to the hammam and take care 

The steam shower in a hammam and the massages with soaps and essential oils are an incredible experience. It gives a lot of sensations to your body, your skin, and your mind. 

Goes to the hammam is normal between Moroccans. You can visit their hammam, they are separated between men and women but there are hammams for the tourist people too. Sometimes they are in the hotels or riads 


  1. Eat local food 

If you like to eat, you will enjoy a great variety of Moroccan dishes. It is a healthy cook with meat and vegetables. Make sure to try the cuscus with vegetables, chicken or meat watered with broth, tagines of all types.  


  1. Buy and bargain 

Moroccans love to go shopping inside and outside the country. People whose likes wood object, carpets, exotic clothes, jewelry. Moroccan markets are paradise. 

To admire artisanal work that nowadays Moroccan people do in every decoration articles. It is also important for the art of bargain to get the right price. 



  1. Stay in a riad 

A riad is a house reconverted in a hotel, they receive you with an exquisite treatment, a lovely atmosphere, and the best ubication because of views or because of nearness the main touristic zones. When you enter you feel peace and beauty.  


By Almudena


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