The perfect gift 10/05/2019

Ideas to give a trip 

If you want to do a gift, I am going to give to you the best idea to give to somebody.  

Retirees are the best people to give a trip because they don’t have problems of dates and for them is a fantastic therapy, it becomes them active mentally and physically.  

The best options for them is a cruise because they can visit a lot of cities but without a lot of effort. The price could be around 600-700€. 


Always give a present to an Invisible friend is difficult but we can give ideas for you. You have the option of giving them the adventure box, for 25€ you can buy one day in a spa, adventure for two and a lot of things more.  

To a close friend, when it is the birthday of some important friend and you can join money from every people in the group you always try to buy something more special.  You can give a trip to Lapland to see the aurora Northern Lights.  You have to choose the right dates because the best dates are the months of October, February, and March.  

To give to an adventure friend you can buy the thematic boxes from 39€ to do a quad excursion, until 169€ to do a parachute jump or balloon flight.  

To your couple, it has to be something special. You can discover a lot of things when you travel with one person if you want something romantic you can choose hotels in the mountain, spas, a weekend in a city near you...  

When you want to travel with your family you have a lot of possibilities, you can choose a relaxing trip like a cruise or an adventure trip like thematic parks, bike routes... These travels are apt for every age. 

The travel that everyone wants to do when our economy and our time allow us. We give to you some ideas like Alaska cruise, every year Viatges Alemany organize one cruise to visit Canada and Alaska, a magic experience. 


Other grateful experience is an African safari, Africa will impact you as no other continent does, see the animals so close from you without any protection.  

Travel to the Antarctic is the dream that everyone who loves the ice dessert, you can visit this place with a cruise and it is not too expensive. 





By Almudena


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