The Dublin Vegfest 05/09/2018

The Dublin Vegfest 

The biggest vegan festival in Ireland is right around the corner: The Dublin Vegfest. In a few weeks stands will invade the Griffith College campus for two days of discovery. 

Today, people have become more focused on the world, nature & the impact that farming and lifestyles have on the eco systems & climates. There are different ways to contribute to this new movement and some people decided to change their lifestyle in a drastic way by becoming vegan. This lifestyle is not always easy to follow but with a little effort and will power you can help the world to be healthier. In this perspective the Dublin Vegfest wants to support and celebrate the vegan lifestyle.  

During these two days there will be different activities such as, different speakers, recipes to taste & cosmetics to test. There will also be experts such as nutritionists, demo’s, performing artists, lifestyle speeches and much more exiting activities! You will eat cheese, hamburgers, falafels, hot dog, pizzas, chocolates, ice cream, cakes and drinks. Everything will be vegan! You will meet blogger such as Aine Carlin or Holly White, Heather Gordon and Michael Donohoe who are vegan athletes. 

Not a vegan? That’s no problem! You can come and discover a whole new world, you may even find that becoming a vegan is easier than you think or just simply pick up some healthy lifestyle tips. You may even learn methods and tips to cook healthier for yourself, friends, kids, grandkids, or partner.  

You can buy tickets from €10 on the internet. 

By Mathilde


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