The 10 best places in South America 27/03/2019

The 10 best places in South America, if you go to this continent you don’t lose it. 

  1. The first is Buenos Aires, The capital of Argentina, a very interesting city with a lot of life. This city also has a lot of culture with many theatres, operas, the tango (typical dance). 


  1. Iguazu Falls, Brassil, and Argentina 

One of the most beautiful places, if you like nature it is the best place. These falls are in a Nature Reserve of 2500 km ² between Brassil and Argentina. A show of 275 falls of water hidden in the jungle. This place is one of the seven wonders of the world and World Heritage by UNESCO. 


  1. Rio de Janeiro 

The knowest city in Brassil called wonderful city because of its beaches, its people, its nature...  

Year after year this city is always in the rankings of the best places to visit. Places like  

Chris Redeemer one of the seven wonders in the world and the Tijuca Forest, one of the urban jungle biggest in the world. 


  1. Easter Island 

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in Chilean territory, it is considered a mysterious island, with its stones sculpture called Moais, considered World Heritage. 


  1. Torres de Paine 

It is located in the south of Chile; it is a rock formation along 12 millions of years with the ice force, acquiring the appearance of three sharp towers.  


  1. Salar of Uyuni 

It is located in Bolivia, a white dessert, considered the largest salt expanse in the world. Its fame comes from its reflection like a mirror for the clouds, you can see it between January and March. 


  1. Machu Picchu 

An Inca city raised by over 2,360 meters above the sea level, with walls, terraces, and ramps immersed among mountain peaks, cliffs, and Amazon rainforest. Declared World Heritage by UNESCO and one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world 

  1. Galapagos islands 

Galapagos islands are in Ecuador, they are one of the most exotic tourist destinations in Latin America, thirteen volcanic islands and more than a hundred of islets where live hundreds of exotic animals like the giant tortoises. 


  1. San Andres 

A group of islands located in Colombia, in the Caribbean in the sea of the seven colors. Recognize as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  


  1. Margarita Island 

Located in Venezuela known as the Pearl of the Caribbean, with turquoise waters. It is also known because of It is tax-free and you have good prices. 




By Almudena


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