Thailand: The Land of Smiles 06/11/2017

The “land of smiles” 

Thailand is one of the most touristic places to go in the world. The capital Bangkok, the city of Chiang Mai, the paradisiac islands, the history, the culture, the architecture and the beaches… the many many beaches!!  

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia, which only got its name in 1932, before was called Siam, and it’s also the only country in Asia to never suffer from European colonization. The Thai people are much linked to the country, its language (Thai) and also to its religion, the Buddhism, which is considered the main religion of Thailand (around 95% of its population). 

Thailand has had an economic boom since the late 80s, turning itself into a major player in the economic part of Southeast Asia and a big exporter, with Tourism and Agriculture as the main contributors to its economy. 

Thailand was influenced by the Indian culture in many different forms, such as religion and its culture. Being very close to each other and with the reach India had, those countries have been in a good relationship ever since, but especially after India’s independence. 

Its climate is divided in 3 parts, north, northeast and central/south. The rain season is between May and mid-October, and dry season between Mid-October to February, during winter time. Between Mid-February to May being characterized as summer. The island characteristics also bring a hotter weather to the Island, the south as a very mid to hot weather all year, with maximum reaching around 40 Celsius in May, but the north part of Thailand can get weather even colder than 0 Celsius during its winter times. 

Thailand national symbol is the Elephant and the government is making a great effort to end poaching in Thailand and with that for the animal and its population to grow again. Also the government is trying to bring back the population of many other endangered species back to what it was before! Poaching and selling of wild animals, its meat, skin or even “medicinal properties” has always been a big thing in Thailand. 

Tourism has been growing in Thailand every single year and has a simple reason. Thailand is paradisiacal for every different type of traveller! Bangkok and other architectural cities, its history, the paradisiac islands and beaches in the south, the hiking and vegetation in the north.

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