Sustainable tourism 26/04/2019

The new technologies and the internet make tourism to another level. The big cities cannot receive more tourist like Venecia that the last year was more than 20 millions of tourist and the people of Venecia want to recover their city; in Barcelona, people want to stop with 67 thousands of tourist illegal apartments.  

The ONU is looking for alternatives to solve this problem. It is necessary that when you do a trip you have to go in small groups, eat in local restaurants, support the local economy, etc. So, we are going to show you places where you can visit anytime. 


 Jeju Island, South Korea 

If you are looking for a trip in nature and connect with its deep, you can visit the biggest and little-known island of South Korea. It has exceptional weather and flowers. Travel around the island by bike or by feet is one of the pleasures of life. 


Zanzibar Island, Tanzania 

Let the animals relax of safaris and go to this island where you can do a lot of water sports and enjoy more of 30 beaches with crystalline sand and turquoise sea. 


Tiger Delta, Argentina 

Discover little known landscapes of Buenos Aires from Silver River where you can visit San Isidro until the delta where you can ride in a steamboat and go around rivers like Sarmiento, San Antonio, Lujan, etc. 

Pamukkale, Tukey 

Also known as Turkish Cotton Castle, here you can visit its hot springs. The southeast of Turkey is thought to visit in family, you can visit the ruins of Hierapolis where there are a theatre and a necropolis with sarcogaphis around 2 kilometers 

Uyuni Salar, Bolivia 

You can know the biggest saline in the world in the middle of the Andes, in the south of Bolivia. Formerly it was a lack of 11 kilometers. There are not so many animals but you can see pink flamingos. 




By Almudena


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