Shamrock: the Irish symbol 26/02/2019

The symbol of shamrock has a lot of meanings and a lot of history about it but what we have to know is that it’s the emblem of the Irish people. 



Shamrock is a diminutive from for the Irish word for clover that’s mean “young clover”. Clover is a grass-like plant. The name is from Irish “seamrog” which is an alternative word for clover. It’s the symbol of Saint Patrick. 

The shamrock is always confused with the four-leaves which is the symbol of good luck because it’s uncommon to find it. It’s a plant that you get lucky from.  

Contrary to the four-leaves, the shamrock has only three-leaves that means stand for faith, hope and love. 




The shamrock is known for being the symbol of Saint Patrick because. 

At the time, Saint Patrick used it to explain the Holy Trinity to pagan Irish men and women. This plant has 3 parts for Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Some of the statue are representing Saint Patrick with the shamrock in his hand. 

Before Saint Patrick: 

Druids said that it represented the idea of triple goddess that could take three forms: a maiden, a mother and a wise woman. 

At the time, the tradition was to respect the number three throughout Celtic culture. 





By Peggy