One summer in Paris 04/06/2019

As most of the foreigners Paris are in the Top 5 cities to visit the summer, yes there is no beach or sea which border the capital but there is thousand and one activities to do.
Visit museums and monuments, thing absolutely to do during you stay, started with th most famous museum.

It gathers more than 15 to 20 thousand visitors a day with more 500000 artwork going through Leonard DE VINCI, Eugene DELACROIX, Theodore GERICAULT, Michel ANGE.
I invite you to visit the Louvre Museum the first Saturday of the month because is free for everybody, and the other day is free for everybody above 26 years old and born live in UE, if not the price of one ticket is 17 euros.
And after you can go to the Tuillerie Garden and take the sun.
In pursuit of your ride you can go to Trocadero and join the famous Eiffel Tower if you want to go inside and go up the price is 16,30 euros.
Go in Paris without seeing the most beautiful avenue, can’t possible

Every luxury shop “lives there” even if you do not want make you shopping here you should go there for the pleasure of eyes, I advise you to spend there and take picture of the famous Arc de Triomphe wich dedicates to the victory of the French army by Napoleon first.
Also, want to the neighbourhood of Montmarte. He is very cute, and you can visit the Sacre Coeur it is open to the public, the best is to take food to go and sit on the steps to admire the sunset.



by Sarah.G


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