My plan for the Culture Night 19/09/2018

Culture Night, it’s this Friday! It would be the perfect occasion to visit all the places you have always wanted to visit, plus, it’s free!  

With more or less 200 locations you can visit in Dublin, you have the choice and you will find a special place to discover. Personally, there are some places I would like to visit. So, I decided to create my own itinerary for this wonderful night. Even if I will just have 5 hours to wander into the entire city, I want to enjoy it as much as I can. And to succeed in this task I need to be the most efficient as I can, that’s the reason why I prepared an action plan.  

There are six spots I definitely want to visit: Christ Church, the Dublinia, the St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Dublin Castle, the Book of Kells Exhibition and the Old Library in Trinity and the Dublin Writer Museum. 

So, to be the most effective I take a Dublin map to create my itinerary and the departure of the crazy evening is Christ Church and its mysterious catacombs; then the second stop is the Dublinia (which is just next to the Christ Church), there you will have the occasion to climb at the top of St. Michael’s Tower and discover the Medieval Dublin. Then the third stop is the St. Patrick's Cathedral, there you can admire the wonderful mosaic on the ground and the greatness of the biggest Cathedral in Ireland. The fourth stop is the Dublin Castle, which was built on a Viking settlement. Now it’s the government headquarters but before it was the place of the English and then the British administration. The fifth stop is at the Trinity college, more precisely the Book of Kells Exhibition and the Old Library. There you would discover the majestic Library which could be a part of Hogwarts. Finally, the last stop is the Dublin Writer Museum. You can discover there a huge collection of books from Irish writers and the building is just amazing, it’s a mansion from the 18th century.  

Here will be the end of this fantastic night. There are also other places to visit, but in only one evening you have to make a choice. There are places like the Ardgillan Castle or the Malahide Castle but it would take my entire night to visit them, maybe I would go there another day...   I can’t wait to be on Friday!  

Click here to go on the Culture Night Web site!  


By Mathilde from StayPlanet


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