Most romantic places in the world 16/01/2019

Finding the perfect romantic trips, that pleases your partner, is no longer an easy task. No matter what event is going to happens during this trip, the place must be both: Exceptional and rich in adventure. Here are some places, which are interesting to go to and will provide a nice experience with your loved one. 


BALI – Indonesia 


Bali is an Indonesian island, known for its yoga and meditation retreats. There are a lot of beaches and landscapes, where you feel like you are the only one on this island. 

Recommended for your dream trip: 

  • Reserve a Spa to enjoy massages, sauna and river rock bathtubs, for example at Kaven Spa or Ayusha Wellness Spa. 

  • Go to Canggu city to have a horse-drawn on the beach. 

  • Visit dream beach and Devil’s Cliff in Nusa Lemborgan. 



VENICE – Italy 


Venice is the ‘city of love’, located in Italy and also the capital of the Veneto region. It is also a water city and has barely streets, instead it has canals, on which you can travel just as smooth. 

Recommended for your dream trip: 

  • Have a cuddlesome gondola ride, which is the essential romantic thing to do in Venice. 

  • Getting around the Grand Canal on a Vaporetto ride. 

  • Have a walk on the Academia Bridge, which has the best views. The romantic ones know, it’s the perfect place to make a proposal, like Greg Wise did with Emma Thompson. 





Santorini is a city known for its reputation of dazzling panoramas, romantic sunsets and volcanic-sand beaches. 

Recommended for your dream trip: 

  • Take a cable ride up or down the cliff of Fira 

  • Swim at the Red beach also named “Beach of red sand” 

  • Have a mud bath with sulfur: you can enjoy massages with a great view 



LISBON – Portugal 


Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and its known as the coolest city in Europe and the third most hospitable city in the world, it’s a must to visit, you will be charmed by the landscape. 

Recommended for your dream trip: 

  • Have a walk along the bank of the Tagus River, you could see the sunset and visit the tower of Belem 

  • You can take a day trip to Sintra, can enjoy of a tour option that allowed you to visit a lot of historic monuments like the Palacio Nacional de Sintra 

  • You can have a good time by eating some nice ice cream with your love at Gelato Therapy a well-known glacier. 





Seychelles is an island situated in the western Indian ocean which is known its paradisiac beaches and for the blue colour of its sea. Going there with your soulmates will be the perfect trip that you’ve never had. 

Recommended for your dream trip: 

  • You can have a night on a private island  

  • You can have a helicopter ride over the Mahe Island to have a panoramic view of every landscape 

  • You can snorkelling underwater to see colourful fish, coral reef and have a good view of the clear blue  



PARIS – France 


Paris is the City of Love because there is a lot of poetic parks and gardens, some breath-taking panoramas. This town is a good choice for a destination honeymoon or Valentine’s Day, there are lot of world-class restaurants to go to for a truly romantic experience. 

Recommended for your dream trip: 

  • You can visit the Wall of Love in Montmartre: in his wall, you will see the word “I love you” written in 250 different languages and dialects. 

  • You can take a “Bateau Mouche” ride along the Seine: there is a tradition, is to kiss your love as you cross under Pont Marie (Marie’s Bridge). 

  • You can have a walk on the Lover’s bridge: is where you can find a lot of padlock on the bridge, before you could sell one and had on it with a promise but now it’s not allowed because of the weakened infrastructure. 


For each trip, don't hesitate to find a road trip it could be cheaper..


By Peggy


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