Let's visit Dublin 2 17/05/2019

  Dublin 2 located in the central of Dublin, discover this creative quarter with boutiques to shopping on Grafton Street and buzzing pubs with live Irish music in Temple Bar.

Temple bar 

The most popular place in Dublin is the Temple bar because is in the same time a 'cultural quarter', the centre of Dublin's city centre's nightlife, and also a tourist destination. With the sun or even if it`s raining, this place is full of happiness due to all the traditional pubs, restaurants from different part of the world and clubs. When you`re walking on the street, different types of songs comes to your ear on each front door along the Live Music.


Trinity College 


The college was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, modelled like Oxford or Cambridge.


The Campanile of Trinity College Dublin is a bell tower and one of its most iconic landmarks. At the corners, there are four deceptive figures of Divinity, Science, Medicine and Law sculpted. The college have a superstition that any student who passes beneath the campanile will fail their exams. There is another student legend that the bell will ring automatically when a virgin stands underneath it.

The Sphere within Sphere also called ‘Sfera con Sfera’ by Arnaldo Pomodoro made this sculpture in 1992 for Trinity College Dublin. By exploring this earth, you can found similar works in New York, California, Tehran, Rome, Tel Aviv and also more others. 

Written by Lea


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