Laos: the forgotten country 25/03/2019

Laos is a country which is located in Southeast Asia. The capital is Vientiane. This country is known for its mountainous terrain, Buddhist monasteries and beautiful waterfalls that you can find in each city. Let’s visit the capital and see what’s to do!  


Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan) 

It’s a park in which you can found open-air sculpture especially a giant sculpture of Buddha and Hindu deities. The park was founded in 1958 by a shaman. It’s located in Deua, Thanan Tha. It’s a must to see if you go there. 



Vientiane Night Market 

It takes place along the Mekong Riverfront. There, yiu can find a lot of stand of food and sells; there is a gorgeous sunset if you walk all over the street. 



Kuang Si

There you can enjoy the best waterfalls in Laos. There is a countless cascading pool of turquoise water, you can swim and diving. 



After having a day of visiting and walk, you may have been hungry so here are some restaurants to go to and taste. 



Han Sam Euay Nong 

It’s a cheap restaurant, also clean and cheerful. It’s located in Chao Anou Rd. It’s a good to taste Laos food. 



Delight House of Fruit Shakes 

They made fresh fruit, juice and have a special meal for Vegan like the Vegie Avocado baguette. There’s a lot of flavor in their meal. It’s located in Samsenthai Rd. 



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By Peggy 


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